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Technical stuff

I use solely certificated lamps and lamp stands. The lamp shades are individually finished with care and the painstaking use of materials that should not be eaten or being exposed to fire and the curious fiddling of children and pets!

The lamp stands:

The lamp stands are available in two sizes: 35 centimetres and 45 centimetres. Please let me know which size you prefer with your lamp shade. Also whether you prefer chrome or a black lamp stand. Anything goes! To be honest: the bigger lamp shades DO look better with the taller lamp stands, and the smaller lamp shades (red or white) look better with the smaller lamp stands - but the choice is yours! Just let me know when you're ordering your lamp.

My lamps come exclusively as a 2-parts set:

Lamp shade and lamp post.

Always and forever!

Watch out:

The screw thread of the higher lamp stand is bigger than the screw thread of the smaller lamp stand - just a hint for you when buying bulbs. I do NOT! include bulbs with my lamp delivery - most likely, this should result in a heap of shards when you open up your package...

Maximum watt: 60.

The white click-on device inside of the lamp shades can be removed if desired.

And last not least: I assume no liability if my lamps are handled inappropriately!

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